Workflow Document Exporter

Payables Workflow has been providing control of your payment cycle by ensuring all supplier invocies are approved by managers before they are posted to Accounts Payable.

As a payment authoriser you know all the invoices are approved for payment, but you want just one last look before the payment is sent.
Maybe the second authoriser is outside the finance team and wants to know what they are approving. 

Need one last look at supplier invoices before payment?

WD Exporter

The latest update to Workflow Documents (the module that stores the documents for Payables Workflow) brings the ability to export documents in bulk into a single location. The documents can then also be reviewed by someone without access to Sage 300.

How does is work?

Accsys Consulting can provide an add on screen in Sage 300 that exports all documents for a payment batch or exports all documents for a supplier within a data range.

Save time and effort by browsing the files in the folders and previewing or opening them without having to drill down through transactions.


Users can select the folder where documents are exported and if they want a folder for each invoice or all invoices in one folder.

  • Folders are named with the Vendor Code and Document Number the exported files have the original name when attached to the Invoice for approval.
  • If all files are in a single folder the original file names are prefixed the Vendor Code and Document Number.

The exported documents will be ordered in the same order as the invoices appear for payment when using generate payments.

How do you get it

If you are on Sage 300 2019 or higher with Workflow Documents Product Update 1 Revision 1 or higher, we can install the new screen. Contact us to ask for pricing.

If you are on an eairler version of Sage 300 with Workflow Documents we can upgrade your Sage 300 to the latest verison and add the screen at the same time.

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    Purchasing Workflow Tolerances

    Purchasing Workflow has been providing control of your procurement cycle by ensuring all purchase orders are approved and that receipts and invoices don’t exceed the approved amount.

    How often have you do you have to do a work around when the invoice is a few dollars over?

    Do you want flexibility without losing control?

    Tolerance Percentages

    The latest update to Purchasing Workflow brings the ability to define a percentage tolerance for receipting. 

    • Unit Cost and Quantity tolerance percentages
    • Total Cost tolerance percentage
    • Available in Purchasing Workflow 2019 (v6.5 PU1 Rev 5)

    How does is work?

    If you configure your total cost tolerance to 5%, and a purchase order was $1,000 then the receipt would allow the cost to total up to $1,050.

    Savings with control

    How much staff time would this feature save you?
    Increased control by preventing workarounds and reducing time managing small variances.

    How do you get it

    If you are on Sage 300 2019 or higher with Purchasing workflow, we can install the latest prouct update for you and configure the tolerances to your requirements.

    If you are on an eairler version of Sage 300 with Purchasing workflow we can upgrade you to the latest verison of Sage 300 and set this up for you.

    Either call us on 02 6282 3300 or send the form below and we will contact you.

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