Sage Australia Business Index

Sage Business Solutions Australia has recently released the Sage Australia Business Index 2013 which highlights many valuable insights gleaned from their annual survey of Australian Businesses.

Below is an excerpt from the study:

This Sage investigation into Australia’s business confidence in 2013 confirms that business conditions have deteriorated within the past year and the outlook for the remainder of 2013 remains bleak. Last year’s Sage Business Index highlighted a concerned, cautious business sector reluctant to invest, but prepared to do so once they believed economic conditions were improving. Unfortunately the attitudes and expectations expressed in the Sage Australia Business Index 2013 suggest that leaner times are afoot and the right conditions for investment have not eventuated.

Within this challenging economic environment the Australian business landscape in 2013 is also being substantially affected by the use of mobile and handheld devices. Across both internal and external business functions, organisations are challenged daily by technological change, much of which is being driven by employees and the consumer. At this critical point in the mobile revolution, how businesses respond to and cope with this change will shape not only businesses themselves, but also significantly influence their likely future success.

This report takes a detailed look at current business attitudes towards a range of subjects including:

  • Current and predicted business confidence levels
  • Concerns around economic issues.

The report also investigates what is happening in Australian businesses in relation to three key technology areas: staff mobility; enterprise mobility; and business use of and demand for mobile applications and mobile optimised websites.

Based on a wide-ranging market research program involving interviews with more than 400 business owners and decision makers across all business sizes, this report breaks new ground in providing a validated understanding of issues including:

  • Business policies, uptake and the perceived value and benefits of mobile enabling staff
  • Relevance, uptake and the perceived value and benefits of mobile enabling the workplace
  • Current uptake and future plans for businesses regarding mobile applications and mobile optimised websites.

This study into the relationship between Australian business and mobile technology, and its examination of broader prevailing attitudes, provides clear insight into how Australian companies are operating today.

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