We can provide your organisation with accounting and CRM solutions that will provide the executive and operational managers with relevant and timely management information to enable them to manage more effectively.

More specifically, we can help your organisation if:

  • You require consultants with practical hands on implementation and/or system user experience to analyse your organisations business system needs.
  • Enhanced reporting and data analysis is needed to improve management decision making.
  • Compliance with fiscal and regulatory requirements necessitates improved reporting and internal control systems.
  • Better customer management and data sharing is being sought to achieve a competitive advantage and/or administrative efficiencies.
  • Your enhanced business capabilities require you to implement better supporting systems.
  • Industry specific solutions are needed (e.g. for service management, association management etc.).
  • You wish to add to an existing system rather than replace it.
  • Your IT systems need to be better integrated.
  • Your organisation has outgrown its original software or you are planning to downsize to a more cost effective software solution.
  • Poor or non-existent support for your existing software solution is an on-going concern to your organisation.
  • You are interested in outsourcing non-core financial management and IT functions.

We seek to develop a strong working relationship with all our clients. In many cases our clients want to know “how it is done”. In these situations we will actively transfer our knowledge and expertise to your personnel. In other situations you may “just want it done”. If so, we will simply provide the required service when needed.