Screenshot of the matching rules grouping feature

Sage Intacct 2021 Release 3

Release highlights include

Increased automation for matching rules – Cash Management

We automated matching rules even more to reduce reconciliation time. New operators expand filtering and matching capabilities and improved grouping options give you better flexibility to match multiple transactions.

Billing flexibility – Contracts

  • Use the Bill to option in an invoice run to automatically combine scheduled billing for contracts with the same entity, exchange rate type, and transaction currency into a single invoice for each unique contract line bill-to contact.
  • Committed quantity billing – Configure committed quantity billing on a line level based on your unique business operations. Get quick and easy visibility into invoicing with detailed costs and send invoices directly to customers.

New dashboards and insights

Include more (and more varied) information on your dashboards with new components:

  • The Billboard component provides an easy way to draw attention to relevant information for dashboard users.
  • The Custom Navigation component enables you to create a customized, linked list of menus that you use regularly for quick and easy access.
  • The Attachments Container component enables you to Include links that open attachments directly from the links.

Financial Report Writer enhancements

New normalized columns help clarify results that can be difficult to discern by showing whether negative or positive variances are mathematically favorable or unfavorable.

Easily identify a report and its contents in the QuickStart library. A new layout option shows what to expect in the financial report. Instead of live data, the rows display dashes where your figures will appear.

No need to remember to select alternate books each time you create a financial report. Simply set the GL configuration option to automatically default to Other Books.

Secure PDFs – Company and Administration

With a secure PDF, you can prevent tampering or alteration of your electronically printed documents, ensuring the accuracy and security of the transmitted information. The printed PDF has 128-bit encryption. No actions other than printing are allowed, including editing, signing, copying, extracting, or commenting.

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